VOTUM system (The voting system VOTUM)

Interactive voting and interviewing system has been developed with the assistance of the Department of Education, Moscow.

VOTUM interactive learning system opens great opportunities to teachers of schools and colleges in a fast and rather easy data collection and processing, obtained from a survey of pupils and students, as well as providing detailed reports on the work.

Working in the classroom, the teacher can use VOTUM not only as a tool for testing students’/pupils' knowledge at any time during the lesson, but as a tool of giving everyday lessons. Creating slides in the VOTUM-web program, the teacher can make the lesson interesting and even funny for the children. Ability to add graphics, audio and video files makes any lesson more vivid and clear in explaining the material. Slides with theses will help students to build their correct answers and to cover the whole topic, without missing important details.

Doing such slides-presentations exactly in VOTUM-web program is very convenient, because after adding a question to each slide- your lesson-presentation will “turn into” the visual test with explanatory images and multimedia files.

Thanks to simple and convenient interface every teacher will be able to learn all the functions of the program easily, making his/her teaching more effective.

Tests and lessons are created with the help of built-in editor VOTUM, as well as with the help of MS PowerPoint.

VOTUM test editor allows you to define two types of questions - questions with multiple choice answers, or questions without answers, where students need to enter the answer with the consols’ keypad. The VOTUM question editor has built-in VOTUM formula editor, which allows you to create and add formulas (math, chemistry, etc.) to questions easily. 

How does it work?

VOTUM system consist of/ VOTUM system’s components:

-students’/pupils’ remote consoles

-teacher’s remote console

- receiver

-PC computer with the VOTUM-web program

-projector to display questions/slides

To work with our system only one computer on which you install the software VOTUM is needed. Radio receiver connects to the computer through the USB port.

Pupils get wireless remote consoles. With their help, they answer the questions by choosing the correct answer from several options or by typing it on the remote console. Pupils can also let the teacher know if they have questions. The computer receive signals from the remote console through a radio receiver. The program processes the signals and VOTUM produces results instantly. 

The teacher controls the process of testing with the his remote console.

Receiver’s Type

Radio (USB)

The maximum distance between the radio receiver and remote consoles

300 m.



Work duration

1,8 million pressures

Teacher’s remote console


Pupil’s remote console

15 buttons, numbers, Russian/Latin alphabet, opportunity to input simple and decimal fractions, LED (2 colours)

Operatoinal Systems working with VOTUM

Windows XP/Vista/7 Alt.Linux/Mac OS